• About A.B. Welle

    Lunchtime with Nnaabah

    Welle Made is my special way of celebrating and honoring a man I've admired all of my life. Abudu Beacher Welle was my grandfather--a generous, strong and audacious man who taught me to value integrity and community. He was the cornerstone of our tightly-knit family and community.


    Every afternoon after school, Nnaabah and I would gather around one of my many favorite meals. During these formidable years, I adopted some of his eating style. Till this day, I eat Fufu with a spoon instead of with my hands (judge me!). Though our time together was short, I carry these memories and so many of the lessons that have shaped the woman I am today.


    Food and family have been the center of my life, and I wouldn't have it any other way.