• Small Chops. Big Flavor.

  • Why Welle Made

    A Brief Note

    I created The Welle Made Company because I believe that every person deserves the very best. And when it comes to food, I'm offering people near and far my best with the finest ingredients, vivid flavors, quality service, and the opportunity to experience community through food.


    In many ways, the goodness you experience in my food is a culmination of my lived experiences--the countless family values, my deep curiosity, and the unique cuisines I've had the pleasure to enjoy in every corner of this world. I'm so excited to share this journey with you!


    Rose, Owner+Maker

  • Salah: A Family-Style Feast

    Because food is so much better in community. Stay tuned for new family-style dishes to share with loved ones.

    Chicken Like Butta'

    Handcrafted Pies

    No-Frills Vegan Jollof

    Your Ex's Ma's Mac+Cheese